Market leading

UK based ventilation ducting manufacturer and supplier

Our Story

We are a market leading, UK based ventilation ducting manufacturer and supplier. We supply ventilation and ducting equipment to distributors and wholesalers, worldwide.

Our roots began back in 1986 where Verplas started off in humble beginnings as a small company that had a great little family feel. Over the years Verplas has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of ventilation ducting in the UK, recognised for it’s innovation and award winning products.

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Our Vision

Within this time we have maintained this family feel, which we are proud of and extend out to our customers. Customer excellence is one of our core values, which is why we take pride in offering a personal service to you.

Our mission is to manufacture industry changing solutions, through our highly efficient ducting systems that provides the installer with a fast fitting system without the need of additional screws, tape or sealant.

People are everything, we are excited to evolve our team as we undergo a culture change program, committing to transforming Verplas into the number 1 supplier and employer of choice and our team is making this happen.

Why Verplas?

Why is Verplas the supplier and employer of choice?

Awarded for its products, people and service, here at Verplas we are creating a culture that inspires our team and encourages them to put themselves in the shoes of our customers to achieve customer excellence.

Not only does this promote great team culture but our customers reap the benefits from our dedicated and unstoppable team driving forwards.

Our Mission

Improving peoples’ lives by providing fresh air solutions, creating healthier home for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Our Vision

Proud to be leading the market for fast fitting, easy to install indoor air quality products, delivering innovation and customer excellence through an unstoppable team.

Our Values

Together we are committed to customer excellence
Trust, respect and support the team
Open and honest two-way communication
Innovation and creativity
Inspire, motivate and be positive


We are officially an accredited Bronze Organisation through The Carbon Literacy Project, as part of our mission to create a more sustainable future, we have made a real effort to minimise our environmental impact, and where possible made a positive one.

Our site is run on renewable electricity and additional work has been made to increase our efficiency, including the addition of new machinery and LED lighting across the site.

We have a cardboard bailer on site and any cardboard that cannot be reused is bailed and sent off for recycling. In addition, we also manufacture our ducting using recycled materials, diverting tons of plastic waste from going to landfill each year.

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Poor Indoor Air Quality

There is a lack of awareness that surrounds. Air Quality, through our innovation and passion for a cleaner future it is important to us that each and every person is protected from the dangers of indoor air pollution.

We are also part of the Indutrade group which consists of 200+ companies across 30 countries with over 7000 employees.

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