Sustainability Matters

Part of our mission is to create healthier homes
for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Positive Change

Part of our mission here at Verplas is to create healthier homes for a cleaner and more sustainable future. With our customers and sustainability at the forefront of each decision we make, we are continuously striving for positive improvement that not only reduces our impact on this world but allows our customers to further support positive change where possible.

We are also pleased to announce we have been accredited as a Bronze Carbon Literate Organisation through The Carbon Literacy Project and we will be empowering our team with Carbon Literacy training so that they can all become Carbon Literate.

What have we achieved so far?

Recycling Plastics

Our extruded ducting is made from high quality recycled window and door frames, our plastic injection mouldings are made using recycled parts from old fridge freezers.

Recycled Cardboard

We use cardboard made from recycled materials and recycle and repurpose all cardboard.

LED Lighting

We have replaced our lights with LED lighting, saving the equivalent energy of 38 houses per year. Motion sensors are also in place to ensure lighting is only on when needed.

New Machinery

We have recently updated a few of our machines totalling to saving the equivalent energy of 61.1 houses per year.

Waste Materials Recycled

Waste materials are recycled into useful products, minimising waste as much as possible.

Switch Off & Save Culture

As a team we are working on a switch off and save culture across all areas of the business, reducing wasted energy as much as possible.

Renewable Electricity

Our electricity comes from a 100% renewable source, we also have plans in motion to convert to electric forklift trucks and company cars.

Reduced Transportation Around Site

Work has taken place to minimise transportation around site as much as possible, further reducing energy usage across the business.

Carbon Literacy Training

As part of our drive for a better future, Ben Wicks, our Finance Director and Martin Phillips, our Technical Operations Manager, are trained in Carbon Literacy. We also plan on helping all employees on site to become carbon literate. Martin also leads our sustainability team on site and regularly analyses our procedures and try and identify alternative ways that minimises or positively impacts the environment.

People Matter

We are also heavily invested in our people and in 2022 we were awarded for our efforts with a People Sustainability award within the Indutrade Group, 1st in the UK and Runner up Globally and in 2023 we won the global award! This is a great achievement for us here Verplas, as we undergo a culture change, our unstoppable team have time and time again shown us how truly great they are and that deserves to be celebrated. In 2020 we began our transformation, as part of this we have invested in over 3000 hours of training across our team in 2021, that number vasty grew over 2022 and this year we are on target to reach over 4400 hours of training to help our team reach their potential.

This is just the beginning!

We have many more plans to further reduce our carbon footprint and improve our sustainability across all areas.