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Here at Verplas we are dedicated to providing high-tech products and solutions and hands on support in order to ensure your project is both efficient and economical. Our innovative ventilation systems have been developed to provide maximum levels of indoor air quality whilst enhancing overall energy efficiency.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

With the demand to reduce fuel bills on the increase we are committed to working with developers to build tighter homes. Our fan and ducting systems work hand in hand to provide the correct levels of clean fresh air to maintain a healthy, containment free home.

Maintaining Healthy Lifestyles

Poor indoor air quality caused by incorrect ventilation installation can lead to mould growth and condensation build-up. Our independently tested Self –Seal Ducting range ensures a clean environment for occupants’ homes.

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Minimising Remedial Costs

With mould and condensation issues leading to an increase in refurbishment and remedial costs, the reliance on your chosen ventilation system is even greater. The Verplas Self- Seal Ducting range provides an air tight seal which minimises the risk of air recirculating in the home, providing confidence your home is protected.

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Developer Products and Solutions

The Verplas sales team are qualified to cover all aspects of ducting design and building regulations.
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