Surcharge Update

Important Changes to Surcharge and Pricing

To give customers pricing certainty, the surcharge will be built into your standard price list and fixed until 31st Dec 2021

At Verplas we pride ourselves on open and honest communication, working with our customers to limit the impact of spiralling raw material prices, passing on only what is needed to recover the increased costs. The market has in the main stabilised, although overall prices have not come down in any significant way. Plastic raw materials have shown a minor decrease but have been offset by ongoing increases in many other materials and services, especially around freight and delivery. One feedback from the recent Investors in Customers survey was a desire for fixed pricing, further recommendations and actions will be communicated shortly.

With fixed pricing in mind, our proposal is to move the 7.5% surcharge into the standard pricing (no overall price reduction or increase) and fix the price until 31st December 2021. There is also a planned standard annual price review which will be implemented from 1st Jan 2022, this figure will depend on market prices over the last quarter of 2021. Price discussions and communications will take place during November, ready for an implementation from 1st Jan 2022. Assuming market stability remains, then the plan will be to fix the new price in January for a 6 month period or more.

Please be assured, we are not profiteering on the back of material volatility and are paying high prices for raw materials to ensure we have consistent supply.

Derren Gittins  & Sarah Webb

Detailed Position of Global Supply Constraints Summer 2021

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Derren Gittins is our Managing Director. He joined us in October 2020 where he became an important part of the Verplas team at a very critical time for the company.


Derren has an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience that he has developed from his previous leadership roles working within a range of different businesses, from privately owned companies right through to global companies that are recognised around the world. He also spent a year in Japan learning lean manufacturing from Shegeki Mori who is now the CEO of Pilkington NSG worldwide. After his year in Japan and several managerial roles Derren became the head of UK manufacturing of Pilkington NSG.


As our Managing Director his goal is to use his understanding and abilities to make Verplas into the employer and supplier of choice. Here at Verplas Derren is truly in his element, with the freedom and power to transform Verplas whilst guiding us as a team forward, together. We are excited to have Derren on board and look forward to a bright future for Verplas.


‘I would say I am a kind, sensitive and caring person, I support people both inside and outside of work. I also see myself as a bit of an adrenaline junkie! Where possible I find myself sky diving, bungee jumping, flying in fighter plane and I have also taken part in multiple Bush Craft survival weekends.’


If you would like to contact Derren, you can do so via Phone or email.

+44(0)1202 825898