Here at Verplas we work hard to ensure every step of your ventilation installation runs smoothly and meets the complex requirements of today’s marketplace. Our innovative products and solutions are developed with you in mind, and that’s why you can be confident you’ve made the right decision.

Saving Time and Effort

We understand the importance of the installation phase going to plan, that’s why our products are designed to save installers much needed time on site. Our Rapid Self- Seal range is both easy to install and can significantly reduce installation time.


Rapid Self-Seal
Enhanced Customer Service

Our dedicated team of dedicated experts will not only ensure that your products are delivered on time but will also provide you with an excellent service throughout your entire project. From aiding your product selection to supporting you on site, Verplas is here to help.

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Quality Products, Competitive Prices

Not only are our products designed to suit the needs of today’s ventilation installer, they are manufactured to the highest quality to give you peace of mind. All our ranges are competitively priced so speak to your local Technical Sales Manager today to get a quote.

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Derren Gittins is our Managing Director. He joined us in October 2020 where he became an important part of the Verplas team at a very critical time for the company.

Derren has an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience that he has developed from his previous leadership roles working within a range of different businesses, from privately owned companies right through to global companies that are recognised around the world. He also spent a year in Japan learning lean manufacturing from Shegeki Mori who is now the CEO of Pilkington NSG worldwide. After his year in Japan and several managerial roles Derren became the head of UK manufacturing of Pilkington NSG.

As our Managing Director his goal is to use his understanding and abilities to make Verplas into the employer and supplier of choice. Here at Verplas Derren is truly in his element, with the freedom and power to transform Verplas whilst guiding us as a team forward, together. We are excited to have Derren on board and look forward to a bright future for Verplas.

‘I would say I am a kind, sensitive and caring person, I support people both inside and outside of work. I also see myself as a bit of an adrenaline junkie! Where possible I find myself sky diving, bungee jumping, flying in fighter plane and I have also taken part in multiple Bush Craft survival weekends.’