We have taken the title for 2017 and now 2018. We have won in ‘BEST SERVICES PRODUCT’ for our next generation self-seal coupling range.

The Verplas Next Generation Self-Seal Coupling Range is the evolution of ductwork connection technology for domestic new builds. Verplas championed the way our industry connects its ventilation ductwork with the original Self-Seal Couplings back in 2014. We looked at the way the industry was connecting ducting and re-evaluated the standards to see how this could be improved.

The idea was to eliminate inferior methods of connecting ductwork, which involves the use of silicone sealant, screws and tape. Problems with these methods are that they don’t always create an airtight seal meaning that leaks can occur once the ductwork has been installed within the building fabric. Another issue with these methods are that the seals tend to breakdown over time causing air leaks within the ventilation system, which in turn means the ventilation unit is not performing at its optimum. We at Verplas consider that these methods of fixing have no place in the modern revolution of mechanical ventilation and heat recovery. Our system uses a simple push and connect method, that once connected our patented gasket holds the ducting in place to prevent air leakage without the need for silicone or mechanical fixings. The added advantage to our Self-Sealing system is the ability to dismantle the ducting joints for maintenance or ducting alterations and easily re-assemble with the same seal integrity which no other method of fixing can achieve.

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