Product Feature - Thermal Self-Seal 220x90mm T-Piece

Welcome to product feature of the week, featured this week is our 220x90mm Self-Seal Thermal T-Piece, product code SST-220-TP-IND.

This is part of our award winning Self-Seal Thermal Range. Our Verplas Thermal Self-Seal Range has been recognised by the Housebuilder awards where it won Best Services Product .




The Verplas Thermal Self-Seal is simple and easy to install, utilising our Self-Seal Technology enabling a simple push, click and lock mechanism. 

Lightweight, durable and fully conformed to building regulations, the Verplas Thermal Ducting range is designed to assist in minimising heat loss through the duct work system of your chosen ventilation system while preventing condensation forming in or on the duct.

For more information about this product and all its supporting parts please contact Sarah our Customer Relationship Manager who will be happy to help you.

07503 648 274 

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