Verplas provide three Indoor Air Quality Units to choose from, which help reduce the effects of contaminants and unhealthy toxins inside the living space. The effects of indoor air pollutants are becoming increasingly important as these contaminants are known to affect health.

Our Indoor Air Quality range is independently tested and verified and includes solutions for all modern building designs. Heat Recovery Boxes and Carbon Filters in our range dramatically reduce the dirt particles entering the home making for an improved indoor environment.

The Indoor Air Quality Unit is accepted by planners as an AQMA N02 Mitigation Measure and complies with the EU Directive 2008/50/EC (CAFE Directive) European Union Air Quality and Clean Air for Europe 2008.

It is a low cost compact design, which comes complete with easy underside access allowing for the removal and renewal of carbon filters which is indicated by a colour change cell contained within the unit.

Particulates levels as high as 225ug/m3 can be passed through the filter and still exceed the (CAFÉ Directive) standard of 40ug/m3.

. The indoor air quality unit can reduce NO2 levels by up to 83%.

. Filter life expectancy shall be between 2-5 years depending on the application.

. Indication provided by the colour change cell which will discolour when carbon is spent.

We are always making sure our customers are provided the best customer service and the best products available on the market. Verplas always have you in mind.

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