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About Verplas

Established in 1986, Verplas Ltd is one of the UK’s leading ventilation ducting manufacturers. With increasing capabilities within extrusion and plastic injection moulding, Verplas’ wide range of UK ventilation products has continued to lead the way within the domestic ventilation market for nearly 30 years. Verplas is part of the Indutrade worldwide group that specialises in high-tech products and solutions with over 200 companies within its portfolio.


Verplas Ltd Logo

Everyday Verplas delivers excellent customer service through a dedicated team of trained advisors. We understand that due to the fast paced nature of today’s construction industry, customers’ needs require a quick and efficient response. From technical information and regulation support to delivery advice, we’re here to help.



Verplas specialises in supporting the specification market- place by providing industry changing solutions. We work to ensure you have the right tools in order to select the most energy efficient ducting systems. Our patent approved Self-Seal Ducting systems provide specifiers with a leak free system and peace of mind whilst our 3D Revit BIM files provide easily accessible technical data to support today’s ventilation designer.


Our reputation for providing high quality products has allowed us to expand into a variety of different markets. Achieving BS EN ISO 9001 shows evidence of our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible products and services. We continue to ensure quality remains at the forefront of our company goals by considering it in every decision we make.

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